Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Dottie says "Hello"

Retired manager Dottie wants you all to know...

"I'm doing much better now.  I'm in much better health and I miss everyone. I do miss seeing all the winter Texans.
I'm just trying to get used to being retired and having a lot of trouble doing so. I hope to hear from you all soon Thank you.
Dottie Key"

Barb says:
I will post her email address but in a manner that makes it difficult for the bad guys. Her email is a gmail one and the first part is dottiekey995. So if you are savvy enough to know
 where to put the @ and the dot com you will have it.

She would love to hear from all of us. If you have trouble figuring out her address, 
ask me and I will decipher it for you.

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