Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Trucker flashes lights – what's it all about?

Trucker flashes lights – what's it all about?
by Bob Difley
One if by land, two if by sea, but truckers lights can be a mystery to me. Not really so. You can learn from those long-haulers' signals. Truckers communicate with each other usually by CB radio, but will communicate with you — the RV driver — by various light flashes. The following light signals will enable you to respond and communicate with truckers:
Signals from oncoming traffic:
  • When a truck flashes his lights twice, it is a signal that they just passed a police speed trap and you are headed for it.
  • More than two flashes indicates danger ahead, such as something in the road or an accident ahead. Slow down.
Signals from trucks heading in same direction
  • When a truck is passing you, because of his length it is difficult for him to tell when he has cleared your vehicle. A flash of your lights (on-then-off in daytime, off-then-on at night) will signal him that it is safe to pull back into your lane.
  • If in passing you he turns on his right turn signal, he is both indicating that he wants to move into your lane and also asking whether he is clear. Flashing your lights (as in above paragraph) tells him OK, he is clear. A return flash from him is a "thank you."
A common light signal in Europe but used only by truck drivers in America is putting on their flashing hazard lights if traffic ahead is slowing down or coming to a stop, such as for an accident or construction zone. Usually you can see these light far ahead and it is an indication that you should slow down before you have to suddenly jam on your brakes.
These signals are not only courtesies, but can be safety measures as well.

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