Saturday, March 30, 2019

This and That

We were sorry to have missed the gathering for Don Louks but it was time to head home. I'm so glad Barb posted the information along with the photos. Don was a great mentor for everyone in the pool hall and it's not the same without him.

We left before the first of the mobiles were moved in but Irma has been keeping us informed and I think there are now six of them with four being on Pecos and two on Cottonwood. I am guessing there will be more.

Safe travels to all of you who are on the road or will be on the road shortly. For those heading north in Missouri and Iowa I29 is closed about five miles north of St. Joseph and all traffic is being detoured over to I35 until Des Moines and then I29 west traffic is put on I80. The traffic was no more heavy than usual on I35 even though theoretically there should have been more. In fact, traffic was pretty light all the way home. We had good weather and a tail wind some of the time.

If anyone has something they want on the blog please feel free to send it to me (Deon).

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