Monday, March 04, 2019

Ropa Style Show and Announcements

It's been a busy day but I finally have been able to get back to my computer. As a reminder, tomorrow morning, Tuesday, the Memorial Service will start at 9:15 and after that is concluded, we will have our usual Tuesday announcements and the new regional manager for our park is expected to be at our meeting. We hope to see everyone there.

Congratulations to all the officers, board members and chairpersons of each committee/game/event who were elected for the 2019-2020 season. We thank you for agreeing to serve our Association and we also thank the Nominating Committee for their hard work in getting people for all the positions and last but not least, thanks to Gerold Goetz for running the election process. I thought it went exceptionally smoothly and was completed in a timely manner.

Now, on to the style show!

Deral and Linda Rogers lending their musical talents

 Sue Greening showing off her classy denim outfit

 Mamie Havelka in her pretty ropa dress along with a bag that she made

Dave Green telling his fishing "story."

 Notice the pile of clothes on the floor. He had all of those on!

Caroline Eichor in her hooded jacket. It would have been a good thing to have on today.

 Chet Johnson petting his mink stole.

 Larry Ergen - 1, the cable guy.

Shirley Benner in her new duds! Take a close look at the cuff on the pants - really pretty.

 Now, I wonder who this stylish chick is, well I'll be, it looks like Mary Bruun.

And, not to be outdone by his wife is Dave Bruun with a big smile on his face.

Take a close look at the embroidered jacket Cathy Toms is carrying, it's so pretty.

 Goldie Scott found this pretty outfit in the "pile" and the jacket still had the price tag on it.

Well, now I'm not quite sure what to call Abe Wolfe's outfit. How about unique and that rifle he is carrying was handmade by Duane Ergen. It is certainly real looking.

Darlene Jansen shared a reading with us.

 Larry Josie, the cable guy - 2. Funny, both Larrys, the cable guys were looking for a TV to fix.

 Max Pierce found this lime green shirt. If he wears it when out on his bike, no one will hit him because they will be able to see him clearly. I like the hat too!

 I think Polly Pruitt was the "belle of the ball" and look at that big smile on her face. She was having fun and it made me smile just to watch her.

Irma in her Quacker Factory outfit. Irma likes sparkles and she especially likes Quacker Factory sparkles. Take a close look at the bottom of her pants. Lots of sparkles and on her shirt too!

Barb Kent modeling her new ropa outfit. Everything we find in the ropa piles is new to us even though someone else tossed it out.

Well, if you hadn't figured it out, this is Kenton Salmon. I'm not exactly sure what he is!!

Abe Wolfe singing us a tune.

Teeny Weeny Yellow Polka Dot Bikini by Larry Ergen and Chris Pearce

Lil Droogsma makes black and white look spectacular.

Always stylish, Mary Pierce in her lovely red dress.
Roxy Wolfe showing us what she found in the ropa pile Roxy really likes the ropa trips.

Leslie Cleaveland in her butterfly top. It's really beautiful!

Marty Harper's outfit and this afghan came right out of a ropa heap. It is amazing what all you can find when you go hunting. It's cheap shopping too.

Dale Eichor and Jay Kelly entertaining us.  You can tell they are old pros at this. It was wonderful.

And then, guess what, Joyce Kelly joined them. More good music from all three. Jay can really play that fiddle and Dale and Joyce were great on the guitars. They can do that again any time.

Darlene Jansen in her beautiful "new" top. Red looks good on you Darlene.

Vera, you are one classy lady in that outfit!

Chris Pearce found a new outfit for an upcoming wedding.

Mary Pierce found another dress, this one yellow and it looks just as good as the red one did.

Let's call this LEGS! Looks like they are all having fun.

Here come the rest of each pair, all blindfolded. They had to find their better half's legs. It seemed to be a struggle for some of them!

Kay Stilson found a pair of pajamas, yes a pair and a pair of booties too.

And then, Kay had one last thing to say and that was . . .Good Night.

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