Monday, March 11, 2019

Officers, Board Members & Doug Black

I took these photos last Tuesday at Coffee but have been working on other things until now. Below in the first photo are the officers and the board members for our Association. We want to thank them for giving of their time and expertise in guiding The Magnolia Senior Citizens Association.

 Board members Don Harper - three years, Kay Stilson - two years and Deral Rogers - 1 year.
 The officers who have agreed to serve are 

Mary Bruun - President, Susan Van Houweling - Vice President, 
Irma Johnson - Secretary and Margaret Schmaltz - Treasurer

 Doug Black who is the Regional Manager for the new owners spoke briefly last Tuesday morning. He talked about moving in $50,000-$60,000 homes to fill in some of the empty spaces in the park and also mentioned several other topics of interest to the residents. It would seem that most residents are taking a wait and see attitude to see what develops for the future of Magnolia Village (Park).

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