Tuesday, January 16, 2018

More Trivia!!

Sunday night was Trivia night once again and it is being warmly received. I was told yesterday that it did not last long enough. They didn't want it to end. So I encourage all of our Magnolia people and their guests to form a team and come join the fun. You may form a team of 1 to 8 people and since it is all for fun and bragging rights you can get by with an extra team member or two.
As I look around the park I would love to form a team of my own and I have some people in mind who I would ask. But alas, being the one who is gathering the questions it would not work. You may ask me who I have in mind and I might give you a name or two to ask.
Think of people who like to read and /or watch Jeopardy. Or have areas of expertise say in Sports, History, Literature or Geography. I think you could also think of folks to make a team if you put a little thought into it.
Allen Hall 6:00 pm on Sunday

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