Tuesday, January 02, 2018

It's Frightful

We along with most of the rest of the country have been given a very cold deal this week and they say next week too. Having spent winters in "sunny" South Texas since 2000 I am simply not acclimated to this wintry blast. I, perhaps more than most, hunker down and endure. We have winterized the motorhome to the best of our abilities. We do have experience with that part.
Of course, we unhook our water hose and pull all of our shades. We supplement our furnace with a space heater. We place styrofoam squares in our vents in the kitchen and bathroom. We add a warm afghan to our bed. We do have an electric blanket if needed. To give you some perspective, there have been many, many winter seasons that we did not need to use any of these measures at all, let alone for two weeks.

Kitchen vent

 Bathroom vent

Dining room windows
 The result is we feel like we are living in a cave. Not being a natural cave dweller this gets old for me in a hurry. There is a light at the back of the cave. They say by Thursday the temps will be in the 70's. It is a bit easier to take when you are told there is an end to it.

So I know those who are 'Up North' are not feeling the least bit sympathetic to all this and that's okay. I am telling you only so you know what it is like for us and what we do about it.

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