Saturday, March 11, 2017

Things to do

I originally made this list in 2008 and since we have friends coming on April 2nd I started looking for it. I think my original was longer than this one so I am still looking. I have updated this one but would appreciate any additions or corrections.

Rio Grande Valley To Do List

I am going to need some help with this list. Help me add to it, please. And you folks who are no longer coming down please send me an email to tell me what you most miss about the Rio Grande Valley. In no particular order...

1. South Padre Island
     a. Beach walk
     b. Dirty Al's
     c. Pirate's Landing
     d. Kite Festival 
     e. Port Isabel- The Shrimp boats is a comin'

2. Basilica at San Juan
Even if you are not Catholic this is worth a stop.

3. Nuevo Progreso, Mexico
Everyone has a favorite place to eat/shop so go on down and develop your own favorites.

4. Riverside- right on the Rio Grande River. Great Food and Music. A fun place to gather with friends. Located south of Mission TX

5. Ropa Usada- means used clothing in Spanish and there are several places south on 23rd street out of McAllen where bargain hunters load up with used items for pennies a pound. An experience not to be missed.

6. Los Ebanos hand-pulled Ferry. This is not a highly touted tourist attraction. You can ride the ferry across the Rio Grande by car, bicycle or on foot and then it is about a mile to the first little Mexican village. They do not cater to all the fanciful things you will find in Nuevo Progreso. They are friendly but it is Mexico at a more primitive level. English is not spoken by many. It is a whole other country.

7. Golf at several different courses all of them a bargain compared to other parts of the country.

8. Park Activities- We cannot overlook our own backyard. Our own Magnolia Park Association schedules a multitude of things to do sometimes making it difficult to find time for the other things on this list. $3.00 dues per person per season. The very best of bargains!

9. Santa Ana National Park- Your Golden Age Pass will get you into the park to spend several hours enjoying nature.

10. Bentsen-Rio Grande Valley State Park
See Javelina and every bird known to the Rio Grande Valley.

11. The original Iwo Jima Memorial in Harlingen TX

Atascosa National Wildlife Refuge

13. Lots of people go to Port Mansfield to see the deer and other wildlife 

14. Port of Brownsville tour

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