Tuesday, March 07, 2017

Busiest week of the year!

Sunday afternoon was our annual Show and Tell event where the people of Magnolia share what they do in their spare time and trust me they are not standing still. I did not get as many pictures as in years past because I was conducting a slide show. I did get a few and here they are.
Last year the car guys put together a beer can car. And this year it is all about Coke cans.
Larry and Duane Ergan, Don Knorr and Myron Van Houweling are the inventors and mechanics. This is a tractor and it might have a sled to pull next season if they can find 500 coke cans.

 Janet Rader has moved from rocks to cement with her lady-made leaves. Beautiful and would make a lovely garden addition.

 The quilts that are worked on throughout the year and donated to various charitable organizations.

Duane and Reggie sharing phone info with Mary and Don.

 The slide show had several interested observers. Sometimes it was a real guessing game for names of those who were here in past years.

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