Friday, March 31, 2017

Finally Home

We finally made it back home to Wisconsin after leaving the park two weeks ago today. It was one misadventure after another starting with getting the rock in the truck windshield when we were on the expressway the day before we were supposed to leave. That delayed us two days and then we had two days of high wind warnings while we were in New Mexico so that was another two days. Then when we were in Canyon TX it became very obvious that two of the 5th wheels tires, which had at the most 16,000 miles on them, were bad so we had to wait until Monday to get two new ones. Then when we were in Iowa it poured and poured so we waited a day for that to pass. Today was kind of fun as Chet & Irma were right behind us most of the day (they left Magnolia on Wednesday) and then 60 miles from home they overtook us. We talked several times on the phone so that helped pass the time. The sun finally came out this afternoon and it was in the low 50's. Quite a change from Texas. It is good to be home and safe travels to everyone who is, or will be traveling.

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