Tuesday, March 07, 2017

2017 Ropa Style and Talent Show

Mary starts off the Ropa Style show. Every year a group of Park ladies scour the Ropa places for treasures of all kinds and sizes. (Ropa Usada in Spanish means used clothing)When people all over the US donate their unwanted clothing items they can eventually find their way to South Texas. People go through the items and pay by the pound for their treasures. Eventually, these piles of used clothing will be baled up and sent on to overseas locations for more recycling. The style show is a culmanation of many happy hours of hunting for treasure.
 Max Pierce shows some of the more unusual finds at Ropa. This jacket is a 7x in perfect shape.

 Linda Bleess found some comfie lounging clothes at Ropa.

Kay Stilson showed off some silkie pj's and her slippers when she came on stage but she was too fast for me to catch a photo of the slipper walk. In case you cannot tell, they are Iowa Hawkeye slippers.

 Susan Van Houweling is beach ready.

 The Choraliers were excellent. It is so apparent when they have practiced. Compare these two pictures- the first looks chaotic and disarrayed and the second one shows it all coming together. I liked these two pictures.

Kay Voss is an expert at finding the good stuff at ropa.

 Shirley Benner found these two items at two different ropa's. Perfect match!

 Abe Wolfe found a shirt perfect for the golf course.

Roxy Wolfe shows us a colorful vest suitable for Christmas time.

 A policeman's jacket found at Ropa!! There oughta be a law against this. Larry pretends to haul Chris off to jail.
 Deon tickles the ivories.

 Below is a random shot of the audience. May not be important now but in a future slideshow this photo will start a naming game from the viewers.

Leslie Cleaveland

Shirley Benner

 The things you can find at Ropa are many and varied. Here we have a Walmart greeter vest and a tee shirt from some sports team. People are just not sentimental anymore!

 Myron Van Houweling is all set for his sons 50th birthday celebration this month in Iowa.

 Remember Red Skelton's character Clem Kadiddlehopper? Well, Chet Johnson does a close impersonation of him in his Ropa finds.

Gerald Goetz

 Phyllis Branstetter sings about "Jesse". Pat Kent, Deral Rogers and Don Tank accompany.

 Margee Schwenn

Sue Greening

Lee Schwenn has two large fish on his back.

 Dave Greening, a man who loves all things about fishing.

            Darel and Linda Rogers

                                      Abe Wolfe accompanied by Darel Rogers

                                           Darlene Jansen

Elaine Wingert. I told her she was moving so fast she was just a blur. She said she didn't care because she was anxious to get that very warm coat off of her.

                                  Pat Leber

Jan Stinchfield

 Elaine Misfeldt

 Pat L.,Elaine W., Kathryn H., Edna N., and Carmen F.- These ladies modeled the aprons while Irma J. reminded us of how important aprons were to every housewife.

 "Oh, It's hard to be humble." by Larry Ergen

Dale Eichor

                             Jay Kelley

Eldon Hardekopf

Mary Bruun

Karen Goetz

Leslie Cleaveland

                                           Janet Rader

Mary Pierce

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