Tuesday, June 11, 2019

This and That

I am sitting here in chilly Central Wisconsin where the current temperature is around 60. I think to myself, a little bit of that Texas heat would feel good and then I think, don't be stupid - 110 degrees is MUCH too hot for me. I know it's been hot, very hot down there and I know that today it rained. I do hope it won't be a repeat of last summer when there was flooding down there but as far as I know it was just an ordinary rain.

A couple of the streets in the park have been blacktopped, Allen Hall has been painted and as I understand it, there is some work being done on the office, or should I say, in the office. I have no idea what. There was a problem with getting the dumpster dumped in a timely fashion (some things never change) but I believe it was dumped twice today and supposedly will be dumped again tomorrow. It would be prudent of the management to get the dumpster dumping on a regular basis. I know there were problems in the spring before we all left and apparently it still exists. Time will tell. I have looked on Craigslist where the new mobiles are being advertised and the rents have been dropped to $649 whereas they had started around $850 or thereabouts in the beginning. I'm guessing at that price they will rent rather easily.

I have not talked with anyone to see how Anita Nelson is doing but I hope she is doing well and recovering from her surgery. Cindy Peterson had rotator cuff surgery (Cindy, I hope I have that right) and I suspect that will put her out of commission for a while as I know that can be kind of wicked. I think the key is not to overdo and let Walt take care of her for a while. I believe I read he is going to make her hot dogs! I saw that Bernie Nagle commented on Cindy's facebook page and I hope he too is doing well. It's been a very long winter/spring and now almost summer for the Nagles. I am not sure if he is back home yet or not. Perhaps someone can let me know.

Kay Stilson tells me that so far Pecan Bill is doing well. That's great news and I believe they live not too far from their son so I know that is helpful.

After a year of retiring from the bee business Jim couldn't stand it so as we were driving home from Texas this spring, he said "I think I'll get a hive of bees." What?? I thought he was retired. Well, now he has three colonies of bees and he is happy as a clam taking care of them, as the old saying goes (whatever that means).

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