Saturday, June 29, 2019

A few more Pluses & Minuses

I had no intention of making another blog post tonight but I had a phone call this morning that lasted an hour and a half and I want to make a correction or two to what I posted last night.

Apparently the pool service people do drive into the park, stop and look at the pool and then leave. The word I have is that "the pool is a train wreck." Apparently it is absolutely filthy and you cannot see the bottom. It sounded as though the circulating pump may not be circulating but that is perhaps just a good guess. It's too bad it isn't winter and Pat Kent could take a look at it. That is his business but then, he is like the rest of us, just a tenant and no tenants should have to figure out how to keep the park running smoothly. If I were the owners or managers I would be quite worried that someone might get sick after being in the pool as I understand it is in pretty bad shape.

Apparently there is still a lot of "stuff" blowing around down there that was left from when the dumpster wasn't being dumped and several of the residents are going around and picking it up.

One thing that I have been trying to find the answer to is the fact that on the site where these units are listed for rent it says dogs welcome, cats prohibited. I have been told by a couple of people that all people who were residents and have cats, are grandfathered in. I did wonder about that because I know there are several winter texans who do have cats and also some of the "year around people" as we have always called them so apparently that is a non-issue.

They are going to have a 4th of July gathering up in Little Hall and everyone is invited. Bring a dish to pass and meet and greet your neighbors. It does sound like fun.

The positive things that I want to pass along concern the new residents. It has been reiterated over and over to me by several people now, that most of these folks are very nice hard working people who have jobs and actually, yes there are kids, but they do not seem to be a problem. There have been a few issues around the pool with people gathering there later in the evening and maybe being somewhat noisy. I think it's very clear from what people are telling me is that there are no community rules for the park and no one is actively out managing the park. There have always been community rules that we were to follow but either they no longer exist or people have not been made aware of them.

I came away from my conversation this morning with a somewhat positive feeling that it's entirely possible that things may not be as bad as we have all imagined they might be but that would entirely depend on what the owners or managers do in the next few months. One person has told me that it's possible 90% of the 55+ people will leave but that would be mostly due to the management or lack thereof.

Let's keep an open mind and see what develops in the next several months.

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