Sunday, June 16, 2019

LeRoy and Elaine's Birthday Bash

LeRoy and Elaine Misfeldt celebrated a combined 165 years of birthdays and from the looks of the pictures it was a great party. Thanks to Jan Panos and Pat Jordon (for those of you who don't know, these two talented ladies are sisters) for allowing me to share their photos on the blog. Lots and lots of familiar faces, some of whom we haven't seen for a few years and it was great fun looking at all these photos.

The Birthday Couple, LeRoy and Elaine

Yorgo (George Panos) and LeRoy

Mary Pierce and Bonnie Froseth
Deral & Linda Rogers

Elaine's son Blaine & wife Jennifer

Mabel Zoet and Max Pierce

Max Pierce

Wayne Bruun (looks just like his brother Dave who is off square dancing)

Susan Van Houweling had just tossed Max some popcorn and he was trying to catch it in his mouth.

 Susan Van Houweling and Lil Droogsma

Susan and Elaine

Max & Mary

Pat Jordan and Larry Ergen

Lil Droogsma and Tom Rietveld

Larry Ergen and Bonnie and son Terry Froseth

Elaine & LeRoy

Don Kiel and Mike Jordan

Erv Hagen

Mary Pierce and Nelson Zoet

 Elaine and her kids, Blaine and Vickie

 Mabel & Nelson

 Terry and LeRoy

 LeRoy and sister Leota

 Pat & Mike Jordan

Lil & Ray Droogsma

Don Schmaltz, Tom Rietveld and Margaret Schmaltz 

Susan & Myron

Jan & George Panos

Joyce Rietveld and Noreen Ergen

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