Thursday, June 20, 2019

Park Update

I have been getting a few updates from different folks in the park and also from the Winter Texans who are gone from the park at this time of the year.

First of all, we have several folks who have various and assorted health issues and I will mention the ones I know about and have permission to put on the blog. Cindy Peterson is doing well after her rotator cuff surgery and will soon start therapy. (I'm thinking, I know a few people who have gone through that and it may not be a whole lot of fun but it will surely help in the long run so she regains full use of her arm and shoulder.) I'm sorry to say that Bernie Nagle needs six more months of therapy before he can return to south Texas. I'm sure the Nagles might appreciate a friendly card just to remind them that they are in our thoughts and to wish Bernie well. Cindy Dziuk had a knee replacement and as usual the insurance told her how long she could stay. From the hospital she went to rehab for two weeks and had an allergic reaction to something in rehab but because of her insurance was sent home on Saturday. Sunday she was back in the ER and then in the hospital with an infection in her knee. She was hoping to go home yesterday. She said the knee itself is doing okay. Don Harper had knee replacement surgery today and Marty told me he had a few blood pressure issues but late this afternoon, he was sleeping and had a little food in him. As I understand it knees and shoulders are worse than hip replacement so I do wish all these people a speedy recovery.

I have also had park updates from several people and will just hit the highlights here. A lot of the units have been rented, there are kids now living in the park, the dumpster is being dumped on a regular basis, the office has been remodeled and looks quite nice as does Allen Hall which was painted.

As I understand it, however, there are other issues with the park. I think all any of us can do is just try to stay tuned in to the happenings as I put them on.

Please understand, I can't and won't put everything I hear from various and assorted people on the blog because some of the things I'm told kind of contradict each other. I believe there will be a couple of Winter Texans visiting south Texas in the month of August and I also expect to hear from them.

As always, feel free to contact me and I hope you are enjoying your summer. We went on a short road trip today and saw fields with corn up about 2 inches and other fields about 6 inches. The old saying is knee-high by the 4th of July. It's going to have to grow some to reach that I'm afraid!

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