Sunday, June 02, 2019

Magnolia Update

Here is a little more information on the current happenings in Magnolia. There is an outside crew working on leveling,  blocking, tying down and skirting the new mobiles and I have been told that they are doing a beautiful job.

There are also outside electricians working on the electric and they have replaced wiring and wooden poles on some of the lots and also installed new meters.

It appears that the streets will be black-sprayed the same as the first one by the office was done.

A painting crew is working on painting the outside of the office and Allen Hall.

There was a wood chipper in down by the dumpster area and thus far they have removed about half of the enormous pile of brush and debris which had grown considerably since we all left.

I think perhaps Lot 40 or maybe 41 on Magnolia has been rented and also Lot 237 has been rented or sold. Of the new mobiles, either 214 or 215 has been rented - not quite sure which.

As of yet, no website which does seem a bit odd.

As I find out information, I will try to keep you informed. As always, you can contact me by email.

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