Wednesday, May 08, 2019

Park Update

The latest update that I have gotten is that there are now 27 new mobiles in the park and at least one more across Midway in the area of the dumpster. As I understand it they are using that as a "storage area." The other four new ones are parked in the RV section, some on Center and some on Texas. They are just sitting there, waiting I presume for the road work to be done back on Cummings and then the supposition is that they will go back there.

This is the one home that has been skirted and is ready to be rented. It is on Lot #211. There was an Open House in the park over the weekend and I am guessing it was to visit this home. The park owners have listed LOTS of these mobiles on Craig's List, both for Magnolia and also Shady Acres. These homes are not furnished but do have a stove and refrigerator and I think perhaps a dishwasher. For the most part they are three bedroom homes I believe.  There are also a number of 5th wheels which are occupied by people who are working in the oil fields. It would appear that the park is in a state of transition and I guess all that we can do is wait and see what develops. I do know that as far as I can tell neither our park or Shady Acres currently has a web site and, as a matter of fact, neither does Big Valley which is also owned by the folks who now own Magnolia and Shady unless one was put up today but as of last night when I looked I could find nothing. I, for one, am interested in what the rent structure is going to be for Winter Texans. I know people are wondering what their lot rents are going to be and the few RVers who are Winter Texans are also wondering.  I will try to keep you updated as I am able to get information.

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