Tuesday, May 21, 2019

Map Update, 31 New Mobile Locations

There have been several new posts in the last few days so if you haven't checked in for a few days be sure to scroll down for all the latest news. I put a park update on last night and then today Barb posted Eula's obituary along with her photo. We remember Eula well, she was a nice lady and I always enjoyed her especially when she was in the Choraliers. She did a lot of things in Magnolia  and was a very active person in our park.

Below is the latest map update with the locations of all the units that have been brought in. Thus far 31 units have been brought into Magnolia Village/Park and I believe 38 over at Shady acres. Carolyn Murray has provided me with the lot numbers and I hope I have them all right. 

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