Tuesday, January 24, 2017

New managers.....And other stuff

We have a couple in the park who are considering a manager's position here at Magnolia Village. We hope it all works out and if it does we should be getting a formal introduction soon.

Things are always lively around here and now is no exception. The Jam was this afternoon and it brings many people into Allen Hall to listen to the music makers. They can enjoy lunch before it starts and then they get a treat part way through.
And if you plan to burn up all those calories by walking around the village I can tell you the mileage. To walk around the perimeter 2 times it adds up to 1.2 miles. Or if you prefer walking one time on every street you will rack up 1.2 miles. I prefer the every street one. Every bit helps.
Confucious says: It does not matter how slow you go, it only matters that you do not stop.
It is difficult to keep up on all the activities in the park but when you are on your walk you can stop in Allen Hall long enough to check out the whiteboard and see the activities of the day. If there isn't something on that board to interest you, you are not trying!

I am still working on a slide show for Show and Tell Sunday. Watch for the announcement. It will take place in early March.
And here are a couple of photo's from years past.
Taken in Monterey Mexico. Not sure of the year but guessing 2009? If anyone knows for sure let me know.

Quilting has been going on in this park for a long time. None of these ladies are currently in the park but we remember them and their wonderful work. Taken in 2010

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