Sunday, January 08, 2017

List of good movies

We have had a cold snap. And the streets have looked quite empty as everyone has been in their warm and cozy abodes waiting for the cold snap to ease up. That looks to happen tomorrow. is a list of current movies that might draw you to the local theater.
These were recommended by a friend.
Allied”- is a Second World War tale from Paramount Pictures.
“Arrival”-Romance is not the central them. There is a lot of watching the amorphous alien figures through a screen as they paint their pretty but indecipherable drawings on the clear canvas between them and the homo sapiens puzzled by it all. The message, eventually figured out by heroine Amy, reveals a benign idea — about compassion and changing the perception of time, not about conquering the world.
“Fences”-Hard-working garbageman Troy played by Denzel Washington and his wife Rose played by Viola Davis are so real that I felt I was watching true lives through a window in the house across the alley from their backyard. 
“Hidden Figures” — Three black female mathematicians working at NASA
“Jackie” — former First Lady Jacqueline Kennedy after the assassination
“Manchester by the Sea” — an uncle having to step up and take care of his orphan nephew
“Loving” — interracial couple in the 1950s
“Sully” — emergency landing of a commercial jet in the Hudson River
“La La Land” — song and dance love story set in modern day Los Angeles

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