Monday, March 02, 2015

2015 Show and Tell

Each year people who have a penchant for crafting, carving, and painting etc. gather in Allen Hall to show us what they do in their free time. I would not say offhandedly that this is "free time" activities because it is clearly what they have a passion and a talent for it as you can see for yourself.

This is a raffle quilt the quilters offer to make money for their quilting supplies. The quilt top was made by Dorral Guzman's mother and donated by Dorral. And since I know the outcome, I can tell you Joe Urius was the winner.
 Dave Bruun does a variety of crafts. His Pegs and Jokers boards sell for $5.00 each.
 Max and Dave visit to pass the time.
 These are Mary Bruun's crafts.
 And these baby purses are Dorothy Wendt's as well as the items in the next picture.

 Shirley Wiese is a tatter.
 Geneva Jackson keeps herself busy with a variety of things.

 Esther Sturgeon does scarves.
 Noreen and Elaine visit -both of them do a variety of crafts.

 Marlene Nation quilts among other things. It seems if you do one craft it isn't long before you spread you interests around.
 Larry Ergen and Edna Nelson take time to catch up on the latest.
 These are the quilts that will be donated to Runn Elementary next fall.
  Most Thursdays will find Allen Hall filled with the following painters. Pat Jones is a very talented artist.

 Barb Howard's display

 Dick Cleaveland must be a bird watcher as well as an artist.
 Cheryl Raleigh spent many hours putting her quilt together

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