Tuesday, March 03, 2015

2015 Ropa Style Show- Part 3

The leather jacket is very functional with the coming of the next ice age. Butch Brooker gives thanks to the cow that gave its life for his comfort.

 The Golf sweater is lightweight yet provides warmth and complete freedom of movement while being stylishly colorful. There will be no doubt that he is headed for the nearest course.

Chet Johnson has a baggy T-Shirt and size 10 E shoes
 Dave Bruun did not quite know what a slip over sweater meant.
Larry Ergen was also a bit confused, he thought he had a white sport coat with a pink carnation when he really has a sushi jacket with a red rose.
 Leroy Misfeldt is ready for a long winters night in his flannel PJ's, bunny slippers and nightcap.

 Ray Droogsma has a ball gown with a tie belt

 Max Pierce looks sharp in his double breasted suit!

 Likewise Vern Wendt has a bear backed party dress.

 Dick Cleaveland  has a box pleated dress ready for any occasion.
 The wedding dress was found at Ropa and cost Cheryl Raleigh $1.61. Cheryl has plans to make dress-up clothes for the grandkids

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