Tuesday, March 03, 2015

2015 Ropa Style Show- Part 2

Marlene Nation models a dress she found for her daughter not realizing she would get "ropa"ed into modeling it.

 Darlene Jansen found a warm and cozy jacket that has come in handy for the many cool days we have had this winter.
 And for warmer days this colorful jacket.
 Dick and Leslie Cleaveland and Ray Droogsma did a skit about and old woman who kept swallowing animals. Dick had a hard time keeping up his portion of the skit.

 Kay Voss gets full value from he ropa time by getting super crafty with the items she finds.
 Betty Lewis looks quite snappy in her finds. She is carrying a purse fashioned by Kay Voss.
 Cheryl Raleigh is ready for bingo in her outfit.

Mary Bruun, a regular at Ropa, looks very put together with her choices.
 Mary Pierce was almost too quick for me but I really liked her hummingbird sweater set.
 Irma Johnson another frequent ropa shopper made some colorful choices
 Esther Sturgeon looks sharp in her jacket and slacks
 Marlene Harkin is ready for a dress up occasion.
 Jan Brom, always on the lookout for dancing clothes found this gorgeous outfit.

 Janet Rader looks very fine in this classy outfit
 Lil Droogsma is all sparkly in this dressy outfit.
 Marty Tank is also ready for dancing.
Betty Roach is also ready for a night on the town
 Leslie Cleaveland looks ready for a special occasion calling for lots of bling.

 Dorothy Wendt looks like she might be attending the same function as Leslie.

We had a break in the action so Deon on the spur of  the moment modeled her jacket she told us came from ropa 10 years ago! It has stood the test of time.

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