Sunday, February 01, 2015

Sunday Service at Magnolia by Don Loring

What a beautiful day to have church services and hear the Word of God being taught... We had a great group of people today with 57 in attendance..Many people were keeping close attention to the weather up NORTH as the snow was flying and power outages with the snow and wind snapping tree limbs on electric lines and breaking them...This is another good reason to come to the Valley during the winter...LOL..

Pastor Stacey brought the message today from several passages in the Bible, but the one he started with was from the Book of James, Chapter 1, verse 3 with the theme of "Suffering and Pain".... The message tells us that as we travel thru life all of us at some point have trials  of suffering and pains caused by circumstances in our lives....We will all lose loved ones at some time that causes feelings of suffering and pain, we may have all kinds of tragedies and failings in our lives that cause us to have suffering and illnesses that cause us pain....The one thing that we must all do is to have faith in the Word of God and always continue to pray and ask God to guide us in  our paths knowing that through all these trials that our faith is always being tested...This is the true test of patience in our faith... God always knows and has a plan for us if we will be patient and ask for his guidance...

Remember to pray for any that are sick and for any that cross your mind..See you in church next week... God Bless All..

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