Sunday, February 08, 2015


I am sorry that I have not taken care and made certain our readers and followers had something interesting to read about Magnolia Park. So today I am checking my candid photos to see if there is something worthy of posting.

 Aha, I ran across one! Joyce is giving Jay a trim. This is a happening in various places around the park including ours

Daigle's Duo- Myra and Mira

Garage Sale Photos
The garage sale was a success. It has been quite a while since I have seen so many shoppers in Allen Hall on garage sale Saturday.
                                 Linda Bleess and Pat Hahn
                       And below is Geneva towards the end of the event taking a break.
 Mary and Shirley ask Lillian what she might like.
 And here we have a group you often see in the same place-From the left is Char Nigh, Vera Salmon, May and Al Gehman.
 Chris Pearce had a table of her craftings. The Baby Doll Purse and the Pop-top purses are both popular items

 And here is another group that can frequently be seen in the same location.
Hollie, Tom, Judy, and Erv.

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