Monday, December 23, 2013

The Year of the Cookie


One year stands out among the rest,

And that's the year of the cookie fest.
Baking began at early light,
And continued far into the night.
I baked cookies of every kind,
Till I thought I'd lost my mind.

Big ones, small ones, round and flat,
Some were thin and some were fat.
Cookies, cookies everywhere,
Not an inch of space to spare.

By day's end I couldn't find,
Table, cupboards or my mind.
I gave cookies to all I knew,
Some a lot and others few,

But I decided without a doubt,
A day like that I can do without.
When next December came around,
And the recipes were found,
I put them all back in my file.
The elves can bake them ...While I smile!

Barbara Brooker

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