Monday, December 23, 2013

Hustle and Bustle

I spelled bustle and then it did not look right to me. Ever do that? The big influx of new people is about to happen. After Christmas the let's-go-south rush begins in earnest and the park will magically fill up. It happens every year like clockwork. 
I wandered over to the pool hall this morning (9:00 AM Mondays)and played with Char Wolfrom, Carol Kapke, Shirley Benner and Marty Harper. We had a good time and learned a few things. We sure could use some more women players to help mix things up a bit. It is a casual learning situation as well as a good time.

This Bromeliad is in front of the Brenner home on Willow. The coloring is perfect for the holidays.

One of the days when it was warm enough for shuffleboard. Our weather has been a roller coaster and today is a cool one.

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