Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Crafty Conversation

Some folks would like to put some pizzazz into Tuesday morning coffee. So they have asked me to ask people some questions and perhaps share what I find out with all of you here or maybe share it on Tuesday morning. So we will see if this comes to fruition.

What can you tell us about yourself that might surprise people if they knew?

Mary Bruun: Mary said that for many years she was an assistant librarian. This might not be too surprising unless you also know that Mary is very outspoken and not at all quiet!

Peggy Gordon: Maiden name Margaret Anne McCaffrey, an Irish lass. Peg grew up in Brooklyn and did not learn to drive until she married Donn and moved to Iowa. I might add that Peggy is an excellent driver.

Susan Van Houweling: She shared with us that her first job lasted one day. Her boss was in an accident so the shop she opened was closed. End of job.

Carrole Shymanski shared with us that she was not easy to get close to as a friend but once you are established as a friend she is extremely loyal.

Kay Stilson: For many years Kay had a job as a manager selling advertising and was required to dress up for work. At her retirement party they gave her sweat pants and she has sworn to never wear high heels or hose the rest of her life.

So give this question some thought and if you care to share what might surprise us about you, please let me know and we will share it too thus getting to know each other better.

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