Monday, December 30, 2013

Record setting rain

On the news tonight they tell us the rain is the largest amount on this date since they started keeping records. I woke during the night hearing the gentle rain on the roof. It has fallen all night and all day and is still falling as I write. It is falling at about the same pace and amount throughout the entire time it has been raining. They have suffered quite a drought in this area so they are all happy to have it. I am happy for them as well as long as we do not have a mosquito outbreak after this. 
At the pool hall this morning I was talking to Char and she mentioned that she does not ever remember spending as much time indoors as she has this year thus far. I must agree.
Weather wise it is a very different winter than we have ever experienced in "Sunny" South Texas.
It is a good thing we have hobbies to keep us occupied and out of trouble while we are housebound.

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