Friday, November 11, 2016

Brooker's in the park.

Butch and I arrived in the Village/Park yesterday about noon. We enjoyed a pleasant ride down from Rockport TX where we spent Wednesday night. They tell us that it has been ungodly hot here the past weeks however, we arrived on the heels of a cold front so it feels pretty "cool" to us. We did not have time to get acclimated to the heat. The coolness felt pleasantly warm to us.

The park looks in good shape. The first walk around the park is always interesting. Who is here and who isn't. Who has sold out or are trying to sell out. The trees have been trimmed some of them to the point of severe. Some questions were answered and other questions appeared.

So now that I am here I will try to keep you posted on the latest happenings in the park. I have been writing this blog and my own since 2002. That is 14 years. I will admit that there are times I feel repetitive. Anytime you have an interesting tidbit for the blog you can email it to me. I appreciate the help.

This morning as we stood in the street for a long visit we were reminiscing about Judy and John Warner. I did not remember them at first but as we were talking the memories came flooding back. John and Judy liked to work camp. Very friendly people. I remember being impressed with how John backed up a 5th wheel for over a block and curved it back into a site in one smooth try! That is not an easy thing to do! I told him how impressed I was with that and he just smiled. It did not seem so long since they were here but two of our people standing in the group did not remember them at all so perhaps it has been longer than I imagine. But it does say that once you are a part of the Magnolia family you remain a part of it for much longer than you think.

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