Monday, March 07, 2016

Show and Tell 2016

Our annual show and tell show was a booming success. On any of the pictures below you can click on them to get a bigger view. Also, if you would like any of these photos sent to you, send me an email explaining the ones you want. Send it to

Dave Bruun makes Peg and Jokers game boards and other wood projects.

 Dorothy makes stuffed animal/puzzles. Below the ones on the left were made by Mary Bruun and the ones on the right are Dorothy's. Dorothy also tats and does Swedish weaving.

Dick Nelson has some fancy carved canes he has made.

Mary Bruun does many crafts in between her quilting projects.
The tree-shaped items below are Christmas napkins.

Cheryl Raleigh has some unique quilts.

Linda Bleess is into scrapbooking

 Genevia Jackson does a variety of crafts. The afghan below is done with many tiny squares fitted together.

Carol Kapke works with plastic canvas.

Deon Spangler is a quilter and crafter. She tells me there are 2000 triangles in her quilt pictured here.

Chris pearce does too many different crafts to even count. Her fingers are always at work on some project.

Linda Kraft has been basically knitting or crocheting lately. The baby bags and hats on the left are particularly clever and deserve a closer look.

Dick Clevelands paintings

Lorele Stark has been busy painting as well.

 Here we have Janet Rader's work. I am lucky enough to own the lizard pictured below. I love it.

 Janet had a big crowd at her table.

Noreen Ergen is also and avid quilter. The purple one caught my eye.

Don and Marty Tank enjoy racing. Don does the racing and Marty watches.

The Beer Can Car received most of the attention throughout the afternoon! And for good reason as it is pretty darn spectacular. Due to advertising in the Winter Texan publication many people from throughout the valley came to see it.

 Duane Ergen, Myron Van Houweling, Larry Ergen and Don Knorr did the deed.

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