Tuesday, March 08, 2016

Annual Ropa style and Talent Show-2016

Don Frizzell starts us off with a couple of songs.


Look who’s wearing a hospital gown.  It’s Shirley Benner.  And what is she carrying?  Oh, Roy’s matching gown.  Roy is so tired of being in the hospital that he didn’t even want it in their mobile.  Wait Shirley, you need to be checked out before you can leave.  To the rescue is Dr. Bendover wearing a lab coat from Sibley Memorial Hospital, Johns Hopkins Medicine, and her associate, C. Howit Feels.  

                                    Shirley has no further use for the gowns and will give them to Mary Bruun to be cut into squares for quilts.

                                          M&M’s anyone?  Janet Rader is very comfy in her fleece M&M chocolate candy pajama pants.  They have an elastic waist with a drawstring tie; distributed under the M&M Corporation license.  She has chosen a plain yellow J.C. Penney’s cotton Tshirt.  Off to bed … with Goofy.

Kay Stilson’s Kristen Tylen Intimate Kimono style TU – LIPS robe was made in the USA.  It looks like silk but is 100% polyester and easy to launder.  The belt didn’t come attached to it, but a red long scarf serves the purpose of one.  Never ask Mary a question one day before this show as you’ll get hooked into doing something.  Remember …pay backs!

                          Dave Bruun’s wine colored Bill Blass 100% polyester robe was made in the USA.  It is a gray & blue paisley print with a tie belt.  WAIT!  He’s not sure how his black cotton Tshirt  from Maine with a moose on it ended up in Darlene’s bag.  He never knows what the girls do when they go to ropa.

Kitty Foster is wearing a Missy Jeune Fille 100% cotton fleece bathrobe.  The off-white robe has a brown blanket stitch around the roll up sleeves, up and down the front and collar.  Notice the three personally monogrammed “kitties”.  If purchased in a store, it would cost around $50 and she paid only 50 cents.  What a bargain!

Mary Bruun’s NYI Original black silky velour night robe was found on her first trip this season to the ropa.  It has a quilted silk leopard collar, lapel and cuffs.  She found a snuggie, then cut it up – so she could make her warm footies that she usually wears to bed to keep her feet warm.

Patrick Kent entertained us with a couple of tunes.

Fred Rabe and Genevia Jackson  otherwise known as "Bubbles"  performed a short skit.

Peggy Gordon has graduated and now plans to get her degree in NOT volunteering to do Mary Bruun a favor during Monday’s craft get-together.  The cap and gown were found neatly displayed on the pile at ropa and she can now consider herself a SUMMA CUM ROPA graduate.

Mary Pierce is wearing a pair of black slacks by Stephanie Andrew of 65% polyester and 35% rayon, made in Bangladesh.  They will go well with much of her wardrobe.  Her festive Berek button down the front red sweater was made in China.  It has 14 decorative Santas, some with pearl beards. The frames around the Santas, which look like tinsel, are actually rows of gold bugle beads.  Notice the rows of green and gold beads on the cuffs and bottom.  The front opening has a reverse closure so you can always see the buttons.  She is ready for next Christmas.  

Now she is ready in her 100% cotton hooded jacket from Dressbarn, made in Vietnam.  It has black and white checks on the cuff and hood.  Mary will wear it on chilly days and evenings at Magnolia Park.

Once again, Irma Johnson found her favorite QUACKER FACTORY brand in the ropa.  Notice the “peek-a-boo” shoulders on the red top which is scattered with sparkles.  With it, she is wearing black ankle length slacks made by Alfred Dunner, also found at ropa.  The slacks have a decorative design at the ankles, but no sparkles!  Maybe she’ll glue some on.  A nice outfit for any special outing.

Kay Voss found a black top and black jeans at ropa this year.  Perfect to showcase this sunflower scarf.  She has found several pretty scarves over the years and always wondered what to do with them besides making curtains.  ENTER PINTEREST – just tie a knot in the ends and slip it on!  A pretty solution to those air conditioned rooms or restaurants.

Lorele Stark is sporting an outfit made up by a top in a black sparkle design and bead fringed bottom made by Ronnie Nicole by Ouida.  The black U-Turn jeans of 95% cotton and 5% spandex are perfect to run around in on the cool evenings.

 Max Pierce is wearing a 100% cotton shirt with stripes of blue, lilac, pink and white.  It looks dressy with his blue Wrangler slacks made in Greensboro, North Carolina.  They are 50% cotton and 50% polyester.  He is ready for most occasions.

Songs performed by Deral and Linda Rogers.

Followed by Phyllis Branstetter with a song.

Leslie Cleaveland says Irma Johnson found her this interesting denim jacket from Chico’s.  The accents of beading and splashes of color in the various designs and appliqués make this jacket a dressy compliment to an otherwise boring pair of jeans or capris.  Leslie’s jewelry, from Lil and Ray Droogsma’s collection, can be found at their booth at the Don Wes flea market.

Genevia Jackson’s “Just Love” cotton/polyester peasant dress can be worn for many different occasions.  The white dress has a round neckline with a square yoke that is covered with embroidered flowers.  Notice the small basket with flowers in and around it.  She thinks it may have cost a dime!

Shirley Benner will be ready for the ladies’ craft luncheon wearing her turquoise floral print capris made by Denim & Company.  The St. John’s Bay turquoise 100% cotton knit top has cap sleeves with white rope embroidery around the sleeves and neckline with embroidered leaves up and down the front.  A nice match coming from two different ropas.

Chet Johnson has on a more colorful shirt than the Hawaiian prints he usually wears.  This is a Paul Fredrick design in 100% cotton and was made in the USA.  Sorting through 17 pairs of shorts in his closet, only one was made in the USA.  However, upon trying them on, they had apparently shrunk due to the dark closet syndrome.  An emergency trip to the ropa was made and another one made in the USA was found.  It still had the label stapled to the back pocket and was made by Klayman Pants Company, St. Louis, Missouri.   He’ll be easy to find in the casino on their next trip!

Linda Bleess is wearing an adorable white with black polka dot sundress.  This dress, designed by Lou Angelas, features a V-neck and fitted bodice with a full skirt.  It is perfect for a walk on the beach at South Padre.  If Linda decides to dress up for a dance, she adds a lovely white lace short bell sleeve sweater designed by International Concepts.  Thanks to the low prices at ropa, her outfit only cost $1.50.  


Up on stage again is Lorele Stark dressed in a white cotton sweater by Amanda Smith over a purple print voile lined dress by California Concepts.  It will be great for an evening of dining out.

Stepping out in style is Chris Pearce wearing a dark teal knee length cocktail dress with spaghetti straps and a sheer skirt that swirls and shimmers in the evening lights.  It was made in the Philippines for City Triangles.  She has a scarf of cut velvet in a rose pattern to slip over her shoulders if the evening turns cool.  Chris said she could have worn this at the dance Thursday night but she’s so busy she can’t keep her calendar up to date

Can you believe it?  49 cents would purchase this dress that LaVon Linn is wearing.  The Talbot’s rayon challis jade green fabric feels like a soft suede.  It has a ribbon and pearls meandering completely over the entire bodice, which buttons down the back.  LaVon cut the shoulder pads off and used the fabric to decorate her black flats.  She is ready for their granddaughter’s wedding.

Jan Brom is all dressed up for a night out on the town.  A good dinner and dancing sounds great.  Jan is wearing a gorgeous beaded short sleeved top over a purple velvet, full-length dress by Sag Harbor.  There is no name brand for the beaded top but it does look beautiful.  Jan has chosen a black cloth purse by Cherokee, which she also got from ropa.  Her shoes, by Studio Works, aren’t from ropa, but she did get them for a dollar from The Cedar Chest, a resale store in Bowman, North Dakota.  So if you want to look great for under $5.00, you should make a trip to ropa.

Darlene Jansen is wearing a pair of black slacks by St. John’s Bay, purchased at ropa for 30 cents. They sell new at the store for $44.00.  The jacket was also purchased at ropa.  It is made by R&M Richards.  Dillard’s sells this brand for new at the price of $60 to $100.  It, as well, cost 30 cents.  The total price for her outfit of pants and jacket cost a whole 60 cents.

Janet Rader is stunning wearing this royal blue Stenay 100% silk with polyester lining dress.  It was made in India and still had the Dillard’s price tag of $100 on it.  As you can see, it is covered with sequins and has black bugle beads around the neckline, sleeves and hemline.   She is carrying her ropa black Bill Blass evening purse.  She will be donating the dress to an organization back home that provides prom dresses to girls who cannot afford them.  WOW.  Some lucky girl that will be.  

Dorothy Wendt’s spaghetti strapped deep ruby red Sydney Corvine Milliken Original evening dress has a gathered Georgiette bodice with sequins and rhinestones scattered throughout.  The matching adjustable belt has a rhinestone buckle.  The flowing full skirt covers the polyester knit lining.  She has chosen to wear a rhinestone necklace given to her by her loving husband.  She made the ruby bracelet herself in craft class.


Winter Texans R US

We've become Winter Texans; We're just like all the rest.
The people that we've met down here are certainly the best!
We've come from up in Canada and the Northern USA.,
They like to see us all come back; That's what the locals say.

We can hardly wait to pack up! Cars and RV's heading south
To become Winter Texan's; That's what it's all about.
We've become Winter Texans; We're just like all the rest.
We like our potluck suppers and Ropa nights the best!

We've come a long way south, you know, to be where it is warm
To see grackles, mosquitoes and fire ants that swarm.
We only shop at flea markets and the WalMart Super store.
And when we need more food and stuff, There's HEB for more.

We ride our bikes and golf a lot; cards are great fun too.
It's really quite amazing how much there is to do.
When we're bored with all of that, there's a place we like to go.
We cross the Rio Grande and spend the day in Mexico!

So we are Winter Texans--We're like all the rest.
We live in sweet Magnolia, it's the valleys best.
We have a super life, I'm sure that you all know.
But now that Spring is here, it's nearing time to go.

Let's hope we'll all come back again, to play and have more fun.
Lots of golf, and cards and pool--We've only just begun!
We're true Winter Texans! Our friends we love so dear.
We'll see you back in Texas the same time every year.

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