Saturday, March 05, 2016

Alfredo Gonzales Texas Veterans Home

Magnolia Park People Visit the Alfredo Gonzales Texas Veterans Home

 Genevia Jackson gives a teddy bear to a resident.

 Ron Herberholz dancing with one of the residents.

Phyllis and George sharing their kitty, Wampus, with Rachel, one of the residents. Wampus enjoyed his visit as much as anyone. His name is shortened from cattywampus. He is a very friendly fellow.

Phyllis sharing Wampus and Dave and Mary Bruun visiting.

Marlene, the social director, showing Elma and Thelma the garden.

Vern Wendt and Mary Bruun deciding who to visit with next.
These pictures were taken by Nancy Herberholz. 
The veteran home always appreciates visitors. Magnolia people have made two trips this season and I have a fair amount of certainty it will become an annual event.

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