Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Alfredo Gonzales Texas Veterans Home Visit

A group from Magnolia Park made another visit to the Veterans home.
 A reminder- any of the photos can be viewed closer by clicking on them.

 Lee and Margee Schwenio sharing their puppy, Bubber with a resident

George Meirhofer and his puppy, Teddie, sharing with one of the residents

 Marty Harper visiting with residents

Ron Herberholz giving one of the residents a stuffed "Bee"

Linda and Deral Rogers sharing with the residents

 Nancy Herberholz hugging one of the residents (and she is smiling!)

Homer, the birthday boy, that we sang Happy Birthday to.  He got a new patriot quilt from us.

Sue Greening holding the puppy, Bubber, in one of the outside gardens

Marlene showing our group one of the outside gardens

 Ron Herberholz giving one of the residents a quilt

 Marlene telling us about the dining hall and meals

Shirley Meirhofer having fun with Barbara (one of the residents that adopted our group)

Carlos and his new blanket that Marty Harper donated

Lee, Sue, Linda and Dave.  Dave Greening made sure each veteran got a handshake

Marty Harper talking with one of the residents

Barbara petting the puppy, Teddie

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