Monday, December 10, 2018

Park Happenings

The crafters were busy  today making little Christmas trees. There weren't many there and I'm sure they would welcome more. They meet every Monday afternoon at 1:00 and I know they have fun. Somehow in my past listing of those who are here I missed LeRoy and Elaine Misfeldt. Also Eugene and Naoma Pratt arrived Saturday. I haven't seen them yet but I'm hoping they will be up for coffee and donuts tomorrow in Allen Hall.

I am pleased to report that the doctors have released Dave Bruun and he and Mary are on their way. They expect to be here sometime Wednesday. Dale & Caroline Eichor are also on their way and they thought they would arrive Thursday.

A few of us are shooting pool in the evening and I think there are some of the card games started. Remember to sign up for the Christmas Parade sub supper and also for Christmas dinner. The Christmas Parade will be Thursday Dec. 20. Get your golf carts, bikes, or whatever decorated and prepare to have some fun.

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