Sunday, December 02, 2018

Park Happenings

Here it is the 2nd of December and when I look around the park after dark, I see lots of really beautiful Christmas decorations up already. We got here yesterday and it was around 84 or thereabouts which after leaving home on Tuesday in 15 degree weather, felt really warm. It didn't take very long to get rid of my winter type clothes for some cooler duds. We don't have our Christmas lights up yet but we will soon.

There  have been lots of people arriving in the last few days and I would call this the "after Thanksgiving" rush. Max & Mary Pierce are here although I haven't seen Mary, I did spy Max on his bike. Tom and Joyce Rietveld are settling in where Karl & Caol Kapke formerly lived. Like several others in the park I believe their air conditioner was filled with water from all the rain they had here earlier. That's got to be a bummer when you turn the air on for the first time and it is full of water. Bob and Linda Dick are here as well as Jay & Joyce Kelly, Keith Gilbertson, Rev. Gerald and Karen Goetz, and arriving this afternoon were Don and Margaret Schmaltz. It is good to see everyone again and as I understand it, their are more on their way or, soon to be on their way.

Tomorrow is the December business meeting and then I believe the trees and decorations will be put up at 1:00 tomorrow afternoon. We've never been here quite this early so are looking forward to helping with the trees.

I intend to get around and take a few pictures of various things I've seen just in the short time we have been here and will get them posted soon.

If you are on the road or soon will be on the road, travel safe and we look forward to seeing you!

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