Monday, December 24, 2018

Christmas Eve in Magnolia Village

Tonight was finger food with a short program afterward up in Allen Hall.  Below are those who helped out and below this post is another about helping. Make sure you scroll down and see what happens when one of our residents has trouble and others jump in to help. That is the true spirit of Christmas.

12 volunteers getting ready to sing The Twelve Days of Christmas.

These two are part of Larry's family visiting for Christmas.

Those who participated in the song were Dave Greening, Darlene Jansen, Mary Bruun,
Elaine Misfeldt, Susan Van Howling, Donna Bruun, Larry's granddaughter and great granddaughter, 
Kenton Salmon, Larry Josie, Cathy Toms, and Pat Kent

Don Harper introduced Fred Rabe who will be leaving the park at the end of the month and invited the ladies up to dance with Fred because Fred does love to dance.

Fred Rabe and Cynthia Daigle

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