Saturday, February 17, 2018

Beautiful day in the Village

Bill stopped by to say "Hi" to Roy as he was working on his flower beds.

Notice the pattern in the street? It looks like the feathers of a bird to me. There have been some work vehicles in the park working on street repair and I sure this was made by their tires.

Here come Randy and Myron giving Indie a run. Daisy was in the cart. Note the building in the background? It actually is much further away than it looks. Must have been my camera settings.
Indie loves this run.

And pictured here is Jack Kraft, the cutest of puppies. Jack will be undergoing surgery sometime next week. He will never be a father.

Wingerts have a very different looking handrail. I thought some of you might like the idea.

And one thing we know about Kay is that she likes to bake and she does a great deal of it for various park events. She is living proof you do not need a big space to cook. I am sure there are cribbage players on Thursday that wouldn't miss it because of Kay's cookies.

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