Sunday, April 26, 2015


We went with Larry and Linda Kraft to look at Big Valley Park last evening.  I think they had more structure damage than our park.  They lost many car ports and free standing motor home ports.  They have metal hanging from the power lines, and metal roof pieces everywhere.  Some 2nd roofs were torn off or peeled back and tossed to the neighbors.  Siding and porches ripped.  We were very fortunate here.  Our problems are mainly due to old and hollow trees.  We do have a mess to clean up, but everyone is ok and that is the main thing.

The weatherman said we had 65 to 75 straight line winds.  We did not realize it would be so serious or we would have gone to the brick hall!  It came so fast, no one could go.  We were watching as the tree behind us fell, also Harper's rental next to us had a door pop open and flap like crazy!  Now that it is all over, it was funny--but it wasn't at the time.  Our street (Lime) was blocked to traffic by fallen trees until Jim pulled them to the side.  Since there is only one employee to clean the park of debris, the piles may be around for awhile.  Mrs Yoder is back from her Manager Meeting; it will be interesting to hear her plans for us.

Lets hope this is all the excitement we have for awhile.....Kay

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