Saturday, April 25, 2015

Big Storm hits Magnolia Park

Linda Kraft sent me pictures of the windstorm they had in Magnolia Park last night near midnight. I will try to tell you where I think they are located but if I am wrong let me know and if there is not a description it is because I could not figure it out so please advise me. Note: Between Butch and I we have them identified...I think.
This tree is at the NE corner of Magnolia and center street. The back end of Stilson's trailer is in the picture.
 This is Bob and Kim's place and it looks like that branch could give way any minute and crash into their little lavender bungalo.
 Myron and Susan Van Houweling's place-lost their palm tree.
 Lime street looking north.
 Closer look on Lime
 NW corner of Magnolia and Pecos street
 Dorral's cactus suffered an injury.
 Doris Nelson's awning is toast.
 Doris N. place
 Dohlman's on East Pecos street.
 North of Stilson's on Peach St.
 Between Bob Stavrums and the former Big Ed's place. Park now owns this one and the awning is gone.
 Back side of Stilson's-Kay's clothesline looks good.
 I think this tree was marked for demo anyway but it sure has not improved its looks.

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