Thursday, April 23, 2015

Another great RVing Tip of the Day

Sometimes good ideas are abundant and this month seems to be one of those times. This tip would work for anyone living in a small space. I suppose that is why it holds appeal for me.

Ironing out computer location problems
by Jim Twamley
If you find yourself in need of a computer desk for your RV but still haven't got the problem figured out, here's an idea.
We were in the process of obtaining a permanent computer desk for Marilyn, but in the meantime we found that a conventional ironing board serves the purpose well.
It's a long surface so you can pile stuff on it, and it adjusts to any height you need. It also folds up and stores under the couch when not in service. Not a bad use of space in a pinch. 
Editor's note: We've found a similar arrangement works great when trying to find a suitable place for the traveling sewing machine.

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