Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Park news

The park looks to be in good condition. Pine street and Willow have been resurfaced and when I went walking with Lil I didn't once need to "watch my step". In fact I never even thought of it.
There is always lots of park news/gossip and the challenge I always have is sorting out the difference. News is all you will find here. 
Crafting is going strong. There were perhaps 20 women in attendance and they put together snowmen made from baby food jars. I noticed there were several good ideas coming up. One involves pop or beer tabs. We have made items in the past with tabs but this one is different. It is a purse made with pull tabs and yarn so the request is officially out there to save all pull tabs for the craft people. It takes 520 tabs for one purse. I will post a picture asap.

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