Thursday, February 28, 2019

Steak Feed

Here are a few photos from our steak feed this evening. It is amazing how well this event is run. From start to finish the cooking of 127 steaks took less than 40 minutes. First they do the well-done and then they start on the rest of them. Each of the crew has their own job and they all know what they are doing. It is a "well-oiled machine." The rest of us know what to do too . . . .EAT!

Mike Jordan watching over the steaks that are waiting to be put on the grill.

The "boss" Chet Johnson

Part of the cooking crew, LeRoy Misfeldt, Max Pierce, Ken Huizenga, Bob Dick and Chet

Jim Spangler, Abe Wolfe, Dave Greening, Dave Bruun, & Mark Peters

 Duane Ergen, Jim, & Abe

 Dave G, Duane, Dave B & Abe with Max in the background

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