Thursday, January 17, 2019

Telemarketers and Robo Calls

This has nothing to do with Magnolia Village but I was reminded today that there are all kinds of nasty people out there and lots of them would really like to take something from each of us whether it's our name or our money, or whatever. We have been hit with a slew of robo calls lately and those are relatively easy to deal with. We just hang up and then block them on our phone. Unfortunately some of them are still able to get through and leave a voice mail but that too is easy to get rid of. The ones that are more troublesome are when someone calls and it is a live person wanting to talk to you. We all need to be really careful not to answer "yes" when they ask a question because they can take that yes and stick it in to another so-called conversation and supposedly you have agreed to something that you have no interest in or have not in fact any knowledge of agreeing to. It is called the Yes scam and if you have inadvertently done this keep a close eye on your financial statements for anything that seems to not be correct.

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