Tuesday, January 01, 2019

Making Noodles from Scratch!

Yesterday at crafts Edna Nelson demonstrated how to make noodles. The only ingredients are flour and eggs.

After the noodles had dried for a while, she rolled them up in similar fashion as a jelly roll and then with a very sharp knife she cut them into tiny noodles, less than 1/4" wide. Then she kind of ruffled them all up and said they needed to dry more. It was pretty darn interesting and she told us how many she makes for her family sometimes using 18 dozen eggs, yes that's 18 dozen! Heavens, it has to be a lost art. I've never made noodles of any kind and in our house we'd have a hard time finding a knife sharp enough to cut them so finely. Thanks Edna for sharing this with us.

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