Friday, November 02, 2018

Winter Texans Arriving

Here it is November 2 already and the Winter Texans are starting to roll into the park. I have asked Irma who is there and between the two of us we have compiled this list. If we have left someone out it certainly wasn't intentional.

Thus far these are the folks who have arrived and are settling in and they are in no particular order. Some have been in the park a while and others are just rolling in. Lloyd and Lavon Linn who are from Iowa are now settled into a new spot for them. They are on Rose, next to Craig Hodge's house. Chet & Irma Johnson and Don & Kathy Ferrell, all from Wisconsin are in their usual spots. Betty Lewis, also from Wisconsin has arrived but has sold her mobile and it will be pulled out of the park on Monday. Betty is going back home. We will miss you Betty!

Donn & Peggy Gordon from Nevada are in and Ron & Cynthia Daigle from Canada just arrived, I think maybe today, or perhaps yesterday. Thelma Domer is back from Iowa and Carmen Friesen and her son DeWayne from Kansas have also arrived. Terry Froseth from South Dakota has arrived and Randy & Jo Hinkle from Missouri have too. Randy & Jo have booths at the Don Wes Market which I believe is already open.

Sharon Hvam from South Dakota has arrived. I believe one of her children drove her down. Pecan Bill and Kay Stilson just got to the park. They are former Ohio residents but now reside in Iowa. Also from Iowa, Myron & Susan Van Houweling got in, I believe toward the end of last week or thereabouts. Deral & Linda Rogers  and Edna Nelson from Iowa are also in. Have you noticed how many of our residents are from Iowa. LOTS! Mike and Pat Jordan from Illinois and Polly Pruitt from Missouri (Kenton and Vera Salmon I think are coming in early December) are also residents.

The "word" is that Larry and Noreen Ergen and probably Don & Marty Harper will all be arriving tomorrow.

The group got together for "Witches Brew" on Halloween which they have done for many years. I think those who were there enjoyed the food and the conversation.

The first business meeting will be on Monday morning even though Dave & Mary Bruun will not be able to be there. As many of you know, Dave had bypass surgery as well as a valve repair last Thursday October 25 and the last I heard, he is doing just fine. I suspect Mary will keep an eagle eye on him to make sure he toes the mark and obeys the doctor's orders.

I asked Irma tonight when we chatted if there has been any more "rumors" floating around about the sale of the park but as of right now, no one seems to know for sure what is happening. Hopefully when there is something definitive happening, we will be told.

Speaking for ourselves, we have reserved our usual spot on the corner of Center and Magnolia and look forward to seeing all of you soon. We plan to leave here right after Thanksgiving depending on weather conditions. Safe travels to all of you as you make your way south.

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