Sunday, November 18, 2018

Park News

More Winter Texans are arriving in the park but because we aren't there yet it's sometimes hard to remember who I have heard about. I'm trying to remember all those who Irma told me have arrived since I last reported. I know Joe and Linda Bleess are settled in as are Roy and Shirley Benner, Darlene Jansen, Michelle Louks (Don's grandaughter) Craig Hodge, (he will be leaving for a while shortly), Donna Rae and Kent Stevens (Ed Piche's daughter), Bill and Kay Stilson  andGail Lubinsky. Larry Josie and Cathy Toms are new residents from Canada. They are in Nelson and Mabel Zoots house. As I understand it, Doug and Sharon Nelson are on their way but had car trouble somewhere and Bruce and Goldie Scott also are on their way and also had car trouble. I think both of those would be cars that are being towed as both the Scotts and the Nelsons have motor homes.

There has been trouble with the park WI-FI. As I understand it people are not able to get on. I did communicate with Christopher and Bob regarding that problem and Christopher said "their IT person is working on it."

I wish I could tell you more about other park happenings but rumors don't count as being something that can be shared so at this point there really isn't anything to tell.

I think there will be many more arrivals right after Thanksgiving including us. We are watching the weather and right now it looks as though it may be snowing a week from tomorrow which is when we plan to leave. I am relatively sure that forecast will change. It usually does!

Safe travels to all of you and let's all hope for good traveling weather. See you in Texas!

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