Friday, April 06, 2018

Update on Jim Voss

Hello to all...

We got Jim's results today from his recent Pet Scan!   The cancer has been stopped and very little sign of any left.....very good news!   Jim can rest now and try to get his strength back before we go home to Minnesota the end of April.   The doctor said our doctor in Sioux Falls would probably want to put him on a maintenance type of drug, and it "would not make him sick"......let's hope.  This has been a rough winter for us.   I think Jim has had at least 12 blood transfusions and 4 or more platelet in the hospital for 6 days twice.  He is very weak from low blood....he had 2 more transfusions yesterday, and his red blood is up to 9.5, the highest it has been, but normal is 14-16, so he is not up to par yet.  Now to get his weight back to normal.   He has had so much blood down here---the nurses think he is now a Mexican---at least that is what they were giggling about yesterday.  ha 

We want to thank everybody for all the well wishes and prayers.  We wouldn't have made it without them.  Kay

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