Tuesday, February 21, 2017

This Mornings Photo shoot

Deon, hiding behind a directory has plenty of directory's yet to sell. It is nice to have an extra one. If you cannot find one, perhaps you can find the other. Bring your $3 on Tuesday.

Today was the annual patriotic performance on Presidents day. It is one of the coffee hours of the year that has a high attendance number. Pictured above are the Choraliers.

Lap quilts were presented to our two oldest veterans. Pictured above with his two daughters, Karen and Linda is Clarence Cooke.

Marj Soole has a friendly little gnome in her backyard.

 These two kitty's were photo ops at the Cheryl and Joe Raleigh residence.

Volunteer cacti

 Don Knorr is grilling hotdogs for today's Jam lunch. He was so intent on his work he had no idea his picture was taken.

This lady hangs out at the laundry. I was taken with her hairdo and her unique "eyes".

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