Thursday, February 09, 2017

Smooth Transition

There has been a smooth transition with the manager change and today marks a party at 3:30 in Allen Hall with a send-off for Dottie and a get-acquainted for Bob and Sherri Lynn. Pictures of the event will be posted so check back in tomorrow.
We know our friends, family and wanna-be retirees check in on us to see what they are missing or hope to be doing soon and I want to reassure them all that it is true. This is the good life and we are in the best place to be enjoying it.

The weather this season has been a blessing. The propane guy is losing money. We like him. He takes good care of those of us who buy from him and we are sorry for his loss while at the same time enjoying Sunny South Texas as we hope it will always be. Sunny and warm.

We have a couple in the park who came down from Nebraska to spend a month and when the end of the stay came close they checked the temperature back home and it was 21 degrees so they extended their stay.

So if you are tired of winter and can cut out some time to be here this is the year to do it.

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